Before Pressbox, the Toof Building.

In 1912, the S.C. Toof & Company Printers began construction on a headquarters building in the architectural style of the Chicago School. With an emphasis on function over ornament, the building was made to last with steel-frame construction under masonry cladding. And last it did— in 1982 the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In the new millennium, the building was integrated into designs for AutoZone, a state-of-the-art stadium reminiscent of classic American city ball fields.

studio apartment

When AutoZone Park opened in 2000, the Toof Building stood vacant, providing local artists and world-renowned artist Jeff Zimmerman a perfect canvas to create the mural that covers the building's east wall. Developed with the UrbanArt Commission, the mural indeed brought hope to the Toof Building. Not long after, work began to carefully convert the space into the Pressbox, giving it new life, while maintaining every bit of its historic charm.

Opening earlier this year, Pressbox is now 100% occupied!